The Slow Down

Five thirty wake up
Five forty-five bike to hospital
Six round on inpatients
Fever, bowel movement, any belly pain
Stay another day
Home with vicodin

Seven, lectures
7:01 daydream
Eight oh eight

To clinic with speed
No breakfast?

Groin bulge
Heart Disease
Pre-op labs
Schedule for Monday

“Doctor, Mr. Richmond called.”
Said you told him to
Line 3

“Tell him to be here at five.”
“We close at five.”

Painful bump
I and D

Lipoma follow-up
Incision looks good
No need for dressing now or
To come back and see us

Patient in ICU with pain
Almost lunch time
I’ll stop and see
Sandwich to iCU
Change vicodin to morphine

Back to clinic and
Groin bulge
Colostomy followup
Another I and D

A second to peek out the window
The leaves are brown
How long’s that been?
I need to stop this mindless shit
Start enjoying myself

Mr. Richmond in four
Doc do you need anything?
Can you show him to my office?
That’ll be all for today.

I park down in the chair, not resting on the small blue circular spinney chair designed for efficiency, but the comfortable brown chair behind my big desk, the desk that give me courage.

John have a seat.  How are you?  How’s your wife?

I realized the desk isn’t going to help me now.  I slowly get up and inch to John.

I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.

Jim Edwards, Class of 2005