Literary Pieces 2005

Enlightenment by Jennifer Bernstein

A Lament for Spring by Alex Catton

The Simple Life by Jim Edwards

Depakote Vera, Please! by Jillian Busch

30 Thoughts by Chrisantha Anandappa

Untitled by Dan Miller

Helpless by Seema Pasha

She Had Always been a Religous Woman, My A-ma by Andrew Ko

The Smell of Jamaica by Steve Crossman, MD

W.H. by Seema Pasha

Untitled by Dan Miller

Anatomy Lab (looks like this) by Cassie Frank

The Slow Down by Jim Edwards

The Challenge to Live by Marisela Dominguez, MD

Where is the Light by Mark M. Rasenick, PhD

Ode to Interleukins by Stacy Cisneros

Third World Operating Room by Jillian Busch

The Conductor by Theodote K. Pontikes