42 y/o male in need of surgery

So the doctor said I need surgery,
Today is the day, the dreaded day.
Nothing compicated,
so the surgeon said,
you’ll go home the same day.

“Hello, I have an appointment to be cut today,”
I said to the clerk,
Kind of awkward but she understood,
I got a skirt opened in the front
And stripped.

Lots of people here, most worried,
others dressed in what looked like pajamas.
All of these doctors are so young,
I could be their father,
One is coming.

“Hello, I’m from anesthesia,”
she says and she’s got a young one,
he just stands and looks sleepy.
Open your mouth, are you a dentist?
They will put me to sleep.

I am taken to the hall while lying down,
Many people are around
I am scared
I have heard things about dying on the table
Or not waking up.

I try not to show my fear,
There’s the surgeon, nice guy
With him another young fellow
I have seen him in clinic
I am glad he is not sleepy.

I am glad I will be asleep
Let the physicians do their job,
I am in good hands.
I am glad I will be asleep
So if I die I will not realize it.

Steven Garzon, Class of 2003