I want to be a pediatrician.
Let me tell you why.
A pediatrician gets all the fun,
And children never die.

Grownups get heartaches and heart attacks,
Adults do adult things
Like adulteration, adult books, and adultery,
While children play and cry.

You can see a child grow
Right before your eyes.
You can see a child learn
What is naughty and what is nice.

I had no choice to be a grownup
It’s what happens despite how we try,
And I will have no choice again
Later when I die.

So I will look away from my future
And look to the future of this world
Of problems, diseases, and above all, choices
Of young boys and young girls.

Some choices good, some choices bad,
Some children sick, some children sad,
Some children born with a missing part,
Some children born with a broken heart,
Some children beat for being born,
Some children who hate their past,
Some children grow up way too fast.

I want to be a pediatrician.
Let  me tell you why.
A pediatrician sometimes has more fun,
And children sometimes die.

Beezer Moolji, Chicago, Class of 2002