End of Shift

Here we go again.  Why is this doctor telling me what to do?
Does he realize that I will be taking my break in twenty minutes?
No, I do not have time to start an IV, we will save that for the lucky person coming on
the next shift.
I do not care that this man needs fluids and stat ABG, he will just have to wait.
Excuse me, are you asking me to help draw blood from the patient in room 2020 who is
in restraints and yelling obscenities?
Oh no, I don’t think so, unless you want me to curse him out.
And by the way, who are you…a medical student?
Please, if you think you can tell me what to do then you are sadly mistaken.
I do what I want and when I want to do it, hell, I don’t even listen to the
doctor’s requests, I mean demands.
What now?
Go clean a patient’s butt after he was just given some GoLytely,
I don’t think so.
I just bought these clean white gym shoes and if I were to get even the smell of shit on
them I would have to hurt somebody.
I am not a servant.
I only work to make a living, but I do not live to work.
These doctors with their starched white coats pointing a finger and demanding that I do
things, they have a lot of nerve.
They are never around and would not even begin to understand what I have to put up
with when dealing with all these patients.
Who do they think they are?
And what’s up with the confused medical student?
They are so in the way, all those dumb questions they ask, my goodness.
But what kills me is the cocky student who thinks he can tell me what to do.
See, I let everyone around here know who’s boss, even the patient.
That’s right, even the patient.
I will not have my patients acting out of line, telling me what medication they want
rigth away and griping about their dinner being late.
They can all cry me a river because I do not care.
You want me to do a right-sided EKG?  Just wait a minute.  I’ll get to it when I have
time.  I’m talking right now.  That resident has one mroe time to but me and I swear I
will page him all night long.
If these doctors want something done they better start showing me some respect ’cause
my patience is running thin.
Are you are trying to make more work for me than I already have.
I mean, I have to…well, I know I do…okay, but I at least will make sure that…
Whatever…it is 8am and my shift is over.

Britten Cole, Chicago, Class of 2002