In Search of a Baby


I met her
At the clinic
Depressed and unhappy, yet inquisitive
In search of a baby
Of her own womb
To avert in the Family
Marital stress and instability,
Poligamy and Divorce,
Prostitution, social stigma and suicidal tendencies
She has had three
Previous mid-trimester abortions
Cervical incompetence suspected
Substantiated by ultrasound and HSG
Speculum examination and retrograde
Admitted previous history of D&C
Previous cauterization or conization denied
Cervical laceration ruled-out.
She had cervical cerclage inserted
At fourteen weeks gestation
And tocolytics prescribed.
She was hospitalized for two weeks
And at the end,
Discharged home.
At home,
Active contractions developed
And before thirty-eight weeks gestation
The cerclage fails
She was consoled and reassured
At next pregnancy
She was welcomed and admitted
Shirodkav Stitch inserted
Tocolytics and sedatives prescribed
But with a strict bed rest
Till term.
The elusive thing later came
Through DVT risk,
Boredom and Back pain endured,
Happiness and joy are finally hers.
The child of her womb has arrived.
And to her husband and neighbours
Fulfillment and contentment.

Okechukwu Ogah

University of Ibadan, Nigeria