…and His Heart Failed


In semi-recumbent position hte pale and patient prays
Lids flickering, eyeballs rolling to and from
Alar nasi flared wildly like of the wilds in the wild
Legs straightened on a bed, a bit bigger and shinier than elephant’s
Abdominal protuberance,
Black and Shiny like a calabash
              A year earlier, A promise he made
              to a damsel, young, fresh and beautifully made
              “My affections will stay,
              Even if my heart will break”
Ward round team waiting earnestly
for the medical god – consultant cardiologist
On his arrival all stood at attention
Awaiting his verdict on the boy’s condition
              A month ago, his damsel left with a “house officer”
              Leaving behind the “scoreless” “Alex Brown Hall Officer”
                          “Young man, your heart fails – may be idiopathic
                          New in this environment,” the consultant apathetic suggests
              “I know the cause,”
              screamed teh boy.
              “Accelerated malingering malignant Hypertension
              Induced by fluctuations between extremes of emotions,
              Euphoria of capturing love to sense a loss of one and severe depression
              But my love for her stays even though my heart fails.”
              Then he enters cardiac arrest
              Embracing eternal rest
              True to his word
              To the end of the world.

Kayode Alao

University of Ibadan, Nigeria