These Thoughts in Rhyme from this Cadaver of Mine:

my man, how are you feeling while you’re laying there static on your back
i know the ATP isn’t working with your muscles but your soul’s still intact
i’m cutting you up and you’re just chilling, but i guess you’re just cool like that
i would call you john, but i got to give you more respect than that
because you’re making a contribution to science and my life, and just any john doe wouldn’t do something like that
and really at this moment i’m realizing the importance of this fact
not just helping me but also those i’ll aid through medical acts
so now i’m more cognizant of you and what i’m doing while you’re just lying on your back

and if you were physically alive i bet you’d be up
but that metastatic cancer caused your cells to go corrupt
i’m guessing your tissue function was cool until that conditon (messed) it up
and instead of lying in a casket three times two feet under the dirt stuck
you realized the value of your body and just gave it up

so thanks in every way
i could possibly imagine to say
now let me put you up on the business today
med school is trying to stress me out but i simply won’t let it happen
so when i have five exams in four weeks i simply start laughing
just like when Bush be talking and people be clapping…

anyway, media, don’t worry be happy cause even though you’re not alive today
i’m only 23 years old, you already made it to an older age
i can’t exactly say
that I’m going to follow your ways
or that i’ll even be thinkign about you after my M1 anatomy days
but either way
at this moment i have words to say
and i’m using them to give you a lil praise

Olusola Olowe, Chicago, Class of 2006