The Awakening

Glimpses of the room,
with heavy eyes.
Reassuring nudges,
as I float away.
Calling my name.
Bringing me back.
“It’s over now,”
“all a success.”
I drift off once more.

Suddenly awakened.
“Someone is here to see you.”
My wife and mother.
Worried but strong.
A sense of warmth.
My dream is calling.
I fall into the peaceful glow.

I wake again, alone.
Phone ringing in the distance.
Chaos on the other side of the room.
People everywhere.
Comfortable isolation.

The thirst is overpowering.
Saliva feels coarse and thick.
Taste of dry blood.

Muster the strength to move.
Incision on my spine.
Shooting pain down my leg.
Moans of Agony.

Alone with my thoughts.
I think to myself,
“Oh, God, it’s worse than before,
what have I done?”
Doubt fills my mind.

A silent prayer.
The foggy slumber,
envelopes me again.

Larry Alvarado, Class of 2002