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Scholars for Teaching Excellence Faculty Fellowship (STEFF)


“I feel revitalized about my teaching. It’s very easy to start feeling overwhelmed with all your clinical and teaching duties, but when you see that other people also care about the quality of your teaching, and spend time thinking about it, you realize that there is value beyond just ‘meeting your expectations’ as teaching faculty.”


Matt LineberryThe Scholars for Teaching Excellence Faculty Fellowship program is a collaborative approach for developing expertise among faculty in curriculum and instructional development, quality teaching, and education scholarship.
It is for faculty interested in on-going curricular and instructional improvement, and in developing themselves as education leaders.

Each Fellow is required to pursue a project focused on meeting an educational need important to teh Fellow’s department or training program. Projects may encompass any aspect of designing, implementing, or evaluating a new instructional method or curriculum. Projects can be focused on undergraduate, graduate, or continuing medical education. The project must have reached at least a pilot testing stage by the end of the Fellowship. Each project will be presented during the final session of the Fellowship.

The next session will begin September 16, 2014 and continue through April 28, 2015. All sessions are from 1:30-4pm on Tuesdays, Room 988, Department of Medical Education.
Below is an example course schedule for the 2013-2014 year. Schedule is subject to change.



9/17/2013Effective Clinical Teaching & Peer Feedback
9/24/2013Understanding Learners’ Needs & Motivations
10/1/2013Writing Goals & Objectives
10/8/2013One-on-one Teaching
10/15/2013Giving Effective Feedback
10/22/2013Teaching in Small Group Settings
10/29/2013Teaching in Large Group Settings
11/12/2013Teaching Skills & Procedures
11/19/2013Role Modeling & Reflective Practice
12/3/2013Assessing Learning & Readiness for Promotion
12/10/2013Synthesis: Applying Lessons Learned to Instructional Innovations
1/7/2014Scholarly Teaching, Teaching as Scholarship
1/14/2014Conceptual Frameworks in Education Program Development
1/21/2014Problem Identification & Needs Assessment
1/28/2014Project Presentations – Needs Assessments
2/4/2014Selecting & Sequencing Instructional Strategies
2/18/2014Project Presentations – Instructional Strategies
2/25/2014Program Evaluation
3/4/20114Reviewing Innovations & Research in Health Professions Education
3/11/2014Project Presentations – Program Evaluation
3/18/2014Faculty Development – Supporting Curricular Innovation
3/25/2014Evaluating Learners and the Learner in Difficulty
4/1/2014Practice Presentations and STEFF Program Evaluation
4/8/2014Practice Presentations
4/15/2014Final Project Presentations

To apply for the faculty fellowship:

Participation in the fellowship requires a 5% FTE commitment on the part of the Fellow’s Department and Department Head. This commitment provides assurance that the Fellow will have the time available for participation in the workshops and completion of the project. All applicants must have a letter of support from the Department Head.

There is no charge for this program. Fellows must achieve a 90% attendance rate to successfully complete the program and receive a Fellowship certificate.

An application is available upon request. The application deadline for 2014-15 is September 2, 2014.

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For more information, contact:

Janet M. Riddle, MD
Director, STEFF
Department of Medical Education (MC591)
Phone: 312-996-4245
Fax: 312-413-2048