Certificate Programs

DME offers short courses designed to meet the professional development needs of health professions educators. The certificate for these programs is not transcripted, so it does not provide university credits and does not provide any kind of “certification”.


Professional Development and Certificate Programs for Standardized Patient Educators

The programs provide the knowledge and skills to create compelling educational programs using standardized patients (SPs), alone and in combination with other Simulation modalities. Designed for simulation educators in the health professions. To learn more…


Helpful Feedback: Information, Motivation, and Strategies for Improvement

As medical schools and residency training programs move towards competency-based assessment systems, formative feedback becomes an increasingly important component in effective clinical learning. Accrediting organizations for undergraduate and graduate medical education programs have explicitly stated expectations that learners will be provided with formal formative feedback during courses, clerkships, and rotations. Learning to give effective and constructive feedback can be challenging for health professions educators because of the cognitive, technical, and psychosocial skills required. Feedback involves a complex interaction between the format and focus of the feedback, how the teacher “gives” the feedback, and how the teacher relates to and motivates the learner.

This two-day certificate program is designed for health professions educators who teach and supervise learners in undergraduate and graduate health professions education programs.

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Certificate Program for Clinical Teachers

The Certificate Program for Clinical Teachers has been designed to enhance the instructional skills of clinical teachers. Building on best practices from literature and their own experience, participants will develop practical skills for teaching learners across a variety of clinical settings.

The program is designed to meet the needs of clinical teachers who have significant roles in the teaching of students, residents, and fellows.

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