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M3: The Patient’s Role in Patient-centered Care

The primary goal for the M3 year is for students to experience new models of care designed to facilitate patient-physician collaboration and patient empowerment.
Students can also maintain contact with some of their patients from the M1 year, under the continuing supervision of their M1 preceptor.
Key learning activities: M3 PCM Scholars will participate in a series of mini-courses (Selectives) titled “PCM Selectives” within the Family Medicine M3 clerkship.
With an emphasis on helping “empower” patients as a means to optimize their health and well being, students will learn to work to provide patients with the knowledge and skills necessary for patient self-management of chronic illnesses. PCM Scholars will acquire first-hand experience providing medical care in a variety of clinical practice settings, such as in group visits and in home visits to patients who could benefit from more personalized attention to their health-related issues and needs.
In addition to conducting clinical visits in various settings, PCM scholars will share their experiences with their fellow students in the clerkship.