2001 Peer-Reviewed Presentations

Hasnain, M., Bordage, G., Connell, K.J., & Sinacore, J.M. History-Taking Behaviors Associated with diagnostic Competence of Clerks: An Exploratory Study. 440th Annual Conference on Research in Medication Education (RIME); Washington, D.C. November 2001


Schwartz, A., Goldberg, J., & Hasnain, M. Separating or Combing Health Outcomes: A Failure to Find Resource Buffering. Annual Meeting of the Society for Judgement and Decision Making; Orlando, FL. November 2001.


Scwartz, A. & Hasnain, M. Risk Perception and Risk Attitude in Informed Consent. 23rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Medical Decision Making: San Diego, CA. October 2001.

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