M1: Foundations of Patient-centered Care

M1 PCM Scholars 2019-2020

The primary goal for the M1 year is for students to experience, through their work with patients, key aspects of patient-centered care.  These include understanding the patient as a whole person, developing an effective patient-provider relationship, establishing common ground for a working partnership, and incorporating health promotion and disease prevention.

Key learning activities: M1 PCM Scholars will assist their respective faculty preceptors in the care and management of selected patients.  Students will see their patients with their respective preceptors in the preceptor’s clinic, and will maintain contact with patients over time through additional activities such as the following:

  • accompanying them on visits to specialists;
  • visiting them in the hospital, if they are admitted;
  • following-up clinic visits via telephone or email, when needed;
  • providing preventive health education;
  • assisting patients to identify and utilize community resources that may be beneficial to them;

In addition to clinical sessions with preceptors and follow-up activities with patients, PCM Scholars will participate in small group sessions to discuss key ideas and strategies regarding patient-centered care.

To apply for the 2019-2020 academic year, go to the Application page.

M1 PCM Scholars 2014-2015

M1 PCM Scholars 2014-2015