2004 Invited Presentations

Buchanan, S., Nickels, L., & Morello, J. Occupational Health Beliefs and Behaviors Among Latino Day Laborers in Chicago. NIOSH Conference on the Occupational Health of Immigrant Laborers; Lowell, MA. September 2004.


Crossman, S., Devens, M., Floyd, M., Lichenstein, A., & Milberg, L. The Balint Group Experience. Medical College of Wisconsin and the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine 25th Annual Behavioral Science Forum; Chicago, IL. October 1-3, 2004.


Freedman, D. Role of Family Practice Residents in Hospital. Community Benefit Programs. Second Community Benefit Conference; Miami, FL. January 30, 2004.


Gecht-Silver, M.R. Give Health a Chance. UIC Woman’s Leadership Symposium; Chicago, IL. October 30, 2003.


Gecht-Silver, M.R.. A Program to Teach Behavior Change Counseling to M3s Using Patient Instructors. Innovations in Clinical Skills Education: The Chicago Style, Northwestern University Medical School; Chicago, IL. June 24, 2004.


Godfrey, E.M. Update on Intrauterine Contraception and Medical Abortion. UIC-Rockford Family Medicine Residency; Rockford, IL. December 15, 2004.


Godfrey, E.M. Clinical Update on Intrauterine Contraception. Nurse Practitioner Association Continuing Education Conference; Chicago, IL. September 29, 2004.


Godfrey, E.M. Women’s Health. University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health; Chicago, IL. September 16, 2004.


Grief, S.N. Nutrition and the Developing Child’s Brain. Evanston Civic Center; Evanston, IL. November 6, 2004.


Grief, S.N. Erectile Dysfunction: When Oral Medications Fail. Midwestern University Osteopathic Physicians (co-sponsored by the University MD-PhD Educators); Downers Grove, IL. October 15, 2004.


Grief, S.N. Erectile Dysfunction: When Oral Medications Fail. Osteopathic College of Internal Medicine, (co-sponsored by the University MD-PhD Educators); Chicago, IL. October 1, 2004.


Grief, S.N. Erectile Dysfunction: When Oral Medications Fail. Nevada Academy of Family Physicians Conference, (co-sponsored by the University MD-PhD Educators); Las Vegas, NV. August 21, 2004


Grief, S.N. Erectile Dysfunction: When Oral Medications Fail. Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, (co-sponsored by the University MD-PhD Educators); Chicago, IL.  July 30, 2004.


Hasnain, M. Ensuring Culturally Appropriate Health Care for Muslim Women. American College Health Associations Annual Meeting: Research & Data: Hitting a High Note for College Health, New Orleans, LA. June 11, 2004.


Hasnain, M. International Women’s Health. Guest lecture in CHSC 545: Reproductive and Perinatal Health at University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health; Chicago, IL.  February 04, 2004.


Shah, N. International Health. International Federation of Medical Students Association; Chicago, IL. January 18, 2004.


Shah, N. Female Sexual Dysfunction. Illinois Masonic Dept. of Family Medicine Grand Rounds; Chicago, IL. March 05, 2004.


Tranmer, P.A. Treatment of Dyslipidemia Based on Therapeutic Targets: Recommendations for Primary Care Clinicians. Chicago Medical Society Midwest Clinical Conference; Chicago, IL. March 27, 2004.


Tranmer, P.A. Dyslipidemia. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University ofIllinois at Chicago; Chicago, IL. October 29, 2004.


Tranmer, P.A. Smoke Free Oak Park. Oak Park Board of Health; Oak Park, IL. October 18, 2004.


Tranmer, P.A. Member, Panel on the Electronic Health Record. Foundation for Quality Health Care. November 17, 2004.


Tranmer, P.A.  HIV Occupational Exposures. UIC-Rockford Family Medicine Residency; Rockford, IL. Nov 10, 2004.


Tranmer, P.A.  Topics in Management. Guest lecture in Health Professions Management 450 course at University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Public Health; Chicago, IL. January 27, 2004.

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