2003 Invited Presentations

Crossman, S.H., Kondratowicz, D.M. Residency Education Series on Cultural Competency; Utica, NY. October 28, 2003.


Crossman, S.H. Workshop on Casting and Splinting for the American Medical Student Association Regional Conference; Chicago, IL. November 08, 2003.


Dominguez, M. Biochemical Effects of Opiates and Treatment for Opiate Dependency. 11th Annual International Hispanic/Latino Mental Health Week Campaign; Chicago, IL. October 10, 2003.


Gecht-Silver, M.R. Give Health a Chance. Woman’s Leadership Symposium.; Chicago, IL. October 30, 2003.


Goldberg, L. The spectrum of Alzheimer’s dementia – from early signs through palliative care and death. Illinois Governors’ Conference on Aging; Chicago, IL. December 11, 2003.


Goldberg, L. When Two Ethical Roads Cross: Patient Choices and Autonomy Versus Limitation of Medical Treatment and Futile Care. Illinois Governors’ Conference on Aging; Chicago, IL. December 11, 2003.


Grief, S.N. Should Mom be on HRT: Pros and Cons. Lecture presented at the Annual Conference on Cardiology; Chicago, IL. March 30, 2003.


Hasnain, M. Health Care Needs of Muslim Women. Lecture-discussion, Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital Family Practice Residency Program, Chicago, IL, August 21, 2003.


Hasnain, M. Keynote Speaker, South Asian Women’s Health Issues. First South Asian Women’s Health Workshop at UIC. My Body, My Spirit, My Self: Wellness for South Asian Women. South Asian Public Health Association; University of Illinois at Chicago. April 26, 2003.


Hasnain M. Critical Appraisal of Literature: Postmenopausal Women’s Health in Light of the Women’s Health Initiative Study. Research seminar, Saint Elizabeth Family Practice Residency Program, March 17, 2003.


Hasnain M. Meeting Health Needs of Muslim Women: Issues and Solutions. Lecture-discussion presented at the Cultural Competency Conference “Delivering Culturally Competent Health Care on Campus: Meeting the Needs of Diverse Communities”, American College Health Association, Washington, DC. March 07, 2003.


Orgain, J.C. Global Issues in Treatment. Lecture-discussion presented at UJIMA II Conference on HIV/AIDS, Midwest AIDS Training and Educational Center; Chicago, IL. March 21, 2003.


Rubin J. Cultural Effectiveness in Health Care. Lecture presented to Medical Students at Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine; Chicago, IL. March 4, 2003.


Shah, N. Balancing Motherhood and Career. Woman’s Leadership Symposium.; Chicago, IL. October 30, 2003.


Shah N. Child Sex Abuse Prevention. Pediatrics Grand Rounds; University of Illinois at Chicago. October 15, 2003.


Tranmer, P.A. Dyslipidemia. IAFP Winter Forum, Holiday Spirit; Chicago. December 6, 2003.


Tranmer P.A. HIV in Primary Care. Lecture Presented to medical staff at St. Elizabeth’s Family Practice Residency Program. October 7, 2003.


Tranmer, P.A. HIV in the Primary Care Setting. Presentation at Pri-Med/Midwest; Rosemont, IL. June 21, 2003.

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