The Department of Family and Community Medicine makes a concerted effort to keep faculty and residents informed about the policies and guidelines pertaining to ethical research conduct as advocated by the University of Illinois at Chicago. Faculty and residents are regularly informed about the requirements of the UIC Office of Protection of Research Subjects (OPRS), including but not limited to, initial and continuing investigator education guidelines and training dates.  Important new information about ethical research conduct is also highlighted periodically at the monthly faculty meetings. The Research Division maintains a record of the investigators’ training status and their research projects in a database on Medsocket (see Appendix E). Updates to the data base reflect changes in expiration dates for CE training. Reminders about upcoming expiry dates for CE training are sent as needed.

All UIC Investigators and key research personnel are required to meet the initial training requirements in human subject protection before their involvement in the research.  Continuing education requirements need to be met for ongoing participation in research at UIC, and HIPAA research training is required for investigators and key research personnel who are involved in research utilizing protected health information.

Principal investigators’ responsibilities include ensuring that IRB approval has been obtained prior to beginning a research study, and that all investigators involved with the study have undergone IRB training and maintain their status, through continuing education programs, throughout the duration of the study. It is our duty to make every effort to ensure that we conduct research in an ethical manner.

Guidelines for ethical conduct of research are available at:
Initial and Continuing education training dates are available at:

The IRB application forms are available at:
Any IRB related questions or concerns should be directed to: Dr. Hasnain, 312-996-8214,, or Fasika Alem 312-355-2095,

The Office for the Protection of Research Subjects can be reached directly at 312-996-1711.

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