All Volunteer Faculty are required to login to NESSIE at least once a year to keep their appointments active.  Within NESSIE, faculty can update their personal information, view benefit resources, and access their notification of appointment.  To login, you will need to know your NetID and ACCC Common Password.  The Department Administrative Office can confirm your NetID, but ACCC will need to be contacted directly if you forget your ACCC Common Password.

To prevent technical difficulties in accessing your UIC e-mail account or the UIC Library, please login to your UIC e-mail or the UIC Library at least once every year. By doing this, you are confirming your intentions to keep your accounts active. The University’s Academic Computing and Communication Center (ACCC) routinely de-activates accounts that remain inactive for greater than one year. If you receive an account inactive message, please contact ACCC’s Help Desk at 312.413.0003.  You may be asked to schedule an in person appointment with an ACCC Consultant to re-activate your account.

If you have recently moved or changed your preferred e-mail address, please notify the DFM Administrative Office at (312) 996-1102 or , so that we may continue to provide you with vital information regarding your appointment and the DFM Quarterly Newsletter.