Family Medicine Curriculum

The Residency curriculum is comprised of three core elements: rotations, Family Medicine clinics and the Family Medicine education series. Each residency year presents a variation on this scheme.

Beyond this core of training, this residency offers customized educational experiences to meet each resident’s learning needs and post-residency plans. These customized educational experiences include five months of elective rotations, individual projects in scholarship and quality improvement, teaching projects, instructional medicine and additional degree programs. The curriculum provides both the structure and flexibility to prepare residents to realize their own vision in Family Medicine.


Rotations in the Family Medicine curriculum are 2-4 weeks in duration. Most rotations take place on the University of Illinois medical campus. The residency also receives funding through the VA and the following rotations take place at the Jesse Brown Veteran’s Administration Medical Center (conveniently located across the street from the UIC west campus): Outpatient Surgery, Cardiology, Neurology, Medicine Intensive Care Unit, Dermatology, ENT and Ophthalmology. The residents also blend both UIC and VA for their Geriatrics and Behavioral Medicine rotations). Elective rotations may, with approval, take place at other settings, as chosen by individual residents.

Rotation Schedule by PGY Level

Orientation (2 weeks in Summer & Winter) 4 weeks
FM Inpatient Service 1 16 weeks
FM Inpatient Service 2 4 weeks
Medical Intensive Care Unit 4 weeks
Labor & Delivery 4 weeks
Midwifery 2 weeks
Pediatrics – Inpatient 4 weeks
Emergency Medicine – Pediatrics 4 weeks
Emergency Medicine – Adult 2 weeks
Radiology 2 weeks
Vacation (in 2 week blocks) 4 weeks
FM Inpatient Service 1 8 weeks
FM Inpatient Service 2 4 weeks
Community Medicine 4 weeks
Emergency Medicine – Adult 4 weeks
Geriatrics 4 weeks
Women’s Health 4 weeks
Labor & Delivery 4 weeks
Orthopedics 4 weeks
Behavioral Medicine 4 weeks
Surgery – Outpatient 4 weeks
Electives 8 weeks
Vacation 4 weeks
FM Inpatient Service 1 8 weeks
FM Inpatient Service 2 4 weeks
Cardiology 2 weeks
Dermatology 2 weeks
Neurology 2 weeks
Sports Medicine 4 weeks
Medical Subspecialties 6 weeks
Surgical Subspecialties 6 weeks
Practice Management 2 weeks
Electives 16 weeks
Vacation 8 weeks
Medical Subspecialities Opportunities (2 weeks a rotation)
Three selections from below
Infectious Disease