DFM Weekly Readings

The UIC DFM has a Weekly Reading Program based on American Family Physician (AFP) Articles.  We would like to invite the students spending time with us the opportunity to participate in this learning exercise.


What is this?

This is simply a set of two assigned articles that change weekly.  The Residents and Faculty are made aware of the articles throu an email that shows up in their inbox on Monday morning bright and early to greet them, welcoming them  to the week ahead.  Within the email is a link to two articles relevant to the theme for the week.  The articles are all AFP articles chosen from AFP by Topic.  The theme changes week by week and within one year covers all themes on the AFP by Topic site.


So, how do I participate?

The idea is that, because we are all busy, it is sometimes difficult to schedule quick teaching / discussion sessions throughout the week with the residents and students on a reliable basis.  However, IF every resident and student is expected to read the same articles AND every preceptor (ambulatory and inpatient) does his or her best to hold a brief discussion session once throughout the week, then it is highly likely that MOST residents and students will have the opportunity to discuss the articles ONE or TWO times during the week.  (nothing wrong with discussing something twice – if that should occur)  —  Please keep in mind that this is currently being carried out only with Faculty and Residents at UIC – NOT with community preceptors.

So, read the articles weekly and be prepared to extemporaneously contribute to a discussion about the assigned articles.  It’s that simple.

We hope that you take advantage of this learning opportunity and enjoy this activity.