Preceptor Resources

Preceptor Community – We will keep you well informed as to events that are occurring and information that affects your important role.  

Preceptor Benefits:

A Sense of Fulfillment – You are undertaking an activity that will give you an enormous sense of personal satisfaction and pride. Teaching eager medical students is truly rewarding and is the key to an excellent future for Family Medicine. 

Feedback on how you are doing – We provide sites a semi-annual summary and individual preceptor evaluations.  We also can tailor evaluations for sites wishing a particular kind of feedback.

Invitation to Attend Graduation – We would be honored for you to join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our students. Each year you will have the opportunity to attend the graduation ceremony, if desired, at UIC.  If you choose to attend, we will provide for your use the full regalia to formalize your attendance as we sit together as a unified faculty in celebration of our students’ achievement.

Non-salaried Faculty Benefits – Please see the Volunteer Faculty page as part of the Department of Family Medicine website for a list of Non-salaried faculty benefits.