Center for Advanced Resuscitation Medicine (CARM)

The Center for Advanced Resuscitation Medicine (CARM) at University of Illinois Chicago was founded in 2011. It brought together scientists and clinicians to advance the understanding of sudden cardiac arrest, hemorrhagic shock, and hypertension from molecular, translational, and clinical perspectives. The mission of CARM is to integrate cutting-edge research, education, and clinical leadership to facilitate the translation of new discoveries into improved patient care and community health, and reduced racial/ethnic disparities.

Terry Vanden Hoek, MD

Marina Del Rios, MD
Assistant Professor

Shaoxia Lin
Research Collaborator

Jing Li, MD
Director of Translational Science and Education
Research Associate Professor

Heather Prendergast, MD, MS, MPH
Associate Professor

J. Michael O’Donnell, PhD
Associate Professor

Xiangdong Zhu, MD
Research Associate Professor

Pavitra Kotini-Shah, MD
Assistant Professor

Rhea Begeman, RN, BSN, MS
Director of Administrative Operations

 Sudden cardiac arrest, Hemorrhagic shock, Hypotension, Community Medicine, Therapeutic hypothermia, Ischemia reperfusion injury, Reactive oxygen species, Mitochondria, Cardiomyocyte biology, Metabolism, Complementary medicine, Ultra sound

NIH R01 
Novel Therapies for CPR 

UIC Chancellor’s Innovation Award
Novel TAT – peptide Improves Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival-

Medtronic Foundation: Illinois Heart Rescue Project
Improving cardiac arrest survival among vulnerable populations of Illinois

Research Triangle Institute and Medtronic Philanthropy: India heart Rescue Project
Improving STEMI and cardiac arrest survival among at-risk populations of India

Novel Peptides for Resuscitation

Chicago Biomedical Consortium
Novel PHLPP Peptide for Asystole/PEA Resuscitation

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