The UIC IM/EM global health program is a new entity in a established global and urban program at UIC that involves the family medicine, emergency medicine, internal medicine and med/peds programs. With the initiation of the IM/EM global health track, we can take advantage of the length of our residency to provide residents multidisciplinary didactics and journal clubs that span over a 2 year period and dedicated time to work on a longitudinal project (domestic or abroad) during the 3rd, 4th, and 5th years. The goal of the track is to develop a thorough skill set to work in the public health sector domestically or abroad including.

With an International Emergency Medicine (IEM) fellowship associated with the residency and access to the UIC school of public health, we are currently working on establishing a thoughtful arrangement of rotations geared toward exposure to work abroad throughout the 5 years of training.  Working with the school of Public Health, we work to facilitate opportunities for classwork toward a Master’s degree in Public Health.  The goal of the program is to direct the candidate into the International Emergency Medicine Fellowship with an opportunity to extend a project over years.  The IM/EM IEM fellowship track will create leaders in the field of public health and provides valuable experience for those seeking a career in global health.

We are very excited about the opportunities and the developments in global health at UIC.