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Dr. Terry Vanden Hoek, Professor and Head

Welcome to the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago!

We are a leading Emergency Medicine department whose mission is to deliver emergency care services of exceptional quality, safety, and efficiency with compassion and respect.  We are committed to improving the health in our community through timely care of life- or organ-threatening conditions and working with our patients and their physicians to help prevent future emergencies.  Our research seeks to use the emergency department in innovative ways to identify and address health disparities in our community.  Our department is committed to training future leaders within Emergency Medicine who serve their hospitals and communities through excellence in clinical care, administrative leadership, and innovations in education and research.  Since we are one of the most established training programs in the nation, our faculty have trained one of the largest groups of Emergency Medicine physicians currently practicing in the United States and abroad.  We are proud to be part of an Emergency Medicine team that provides excellent care for our patients and exceptional training for future leaders in emergency care, education, and research.