Student Information

Medical Student Rotation

Rotation information
M3/M4 students who have completed the core curriculum:

Types of Elective/Rotation opportunities available:

ELEC602- 4 Week In-Person Rotation

ELEC463- Is no longer being offered, please contact your Registrar’s office on alternatives

Observation experience
Available for M3 & M4 students

Please note there is no patient contact, this is strictly an observation experience


Barbara Balleza:

University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago
Department of Dermatology
University of Illinois at Chicago

808 South Wood Street (MC 624)

Suite 380 College of Medicine East Tower

Chicago, IL 60612

Visiting Students

For more information please visit Visiting Students

Undergraduate Medical Education

As a major teaching institution, we are dedicated to provide the best possible education opportunities to medical students from four campuses of the UIC College of Medicine: Chicago, Urbana, Rockford, and Peoria. Medical students from other medical schools and colleges may also apply for dermatology elective.

Shadowing is not permitted for pre-medical students or outside resident rotators.