Our Chief Residents

Surprise! It’s all of us! Our fourth year class came together this year and decided that we wanted to work in a #fourchief system.

We want to welcome you and thank you for your interest our Internal Medicine-Pediatrics residency program. During this unprecedented time, we are sad that we do not have the chance to meet you all in person, but we hope that through our virtual platforms, we can share with you what makes our residency program so special.

Our MedPeds residency program is a tight-knit family. We are spearheaded by our fearless program director, Dr. Srivastava (also known by some as Papivan or Papa P), who works with us individually from our intern year to make sure that we are on track to meet our personal and professional goals. As one of the oldest MedPeds programs- over 35-years-old- we have a strongly established presence within the institution with various faculty members acting in clinical, administrative, and scholarly roles. As with any combined program there are challenges to training in two fields. However, what is immediately noticeable is the dedicated mentorship from our diverse faculty and senior MedPeds residents that allow our transitions from medical school to residency to be as seamless as possible.

One thing that makes our training at UIC so unique is the diversity of pathology that we see. Over your four years you will have the opportunity to work in six different hospital locations where you will encounter patients from all walks of life – and the various medical conditions they bring with them. With our primary training facility being a statewide safety-net medical institution, there is tremendous reward in the work we do.

Our MedPeds graduates go on to work in diverse settings, from being MedPeds hospitalists and outpatient MedPeds primary care providers to becoming subspecialists (including pursuing combined fellowship training). Outside the hospital, we love getting together for game nights, happy hours, Sunday brunch, and dinners. More recently, this has turned into creative events such as virtual escape rooms, virtual happy hours, and socially distanced picnics.

So, we hope you can find all the information you need on your interview day, but we greatly encourage you to reach out to us with any further information you may need!

Adriana, Aisha, Jeff, and Jess