Wellness: Each year our residents receive 1.5 wellness days to schedule at their discretion during elective months to help address medical, dental, mental health, or family health visits.  These days are not counted towards vacation or sick leave.  Additionally, we have worked hard to update our FMLA and parental leave policies.  Finally, we try our best to also provide our residents with one additional mini-holiday break on top of their 4-weeks vacation, as scheduling allows.

In-House Moonlighting: Permanently licensed senior residents who are in good standing may moonlight on the inpatient medicine services and in the NICU.

Educational Allowance:  PGY-1’s are provided $2,500 per year, directly deposited into their accounts, to cover educational purchases (e.g. books, conferences).  PGY-2’s and above receive $3000 per year. In addition, Step 3 and COMLEX 3 fees are covered by the program.

Resident Retreats:  Both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics host annual retreats, which are 1-2 day events away from the hospital to provide a venue for bonding and socializing among residents.  Additionally, we have an annual evening MedPeds-only retreat in the late winter/spring.

Tuition Waiver: Residents who choose to pursue a Masters in Public Health, Health Professions Education, Business Administration, or Clinical and Translational Science may have their tuition waved if enrolled and pursuing a full degree, while they are UIC employees.  Residents may also choose to audit undergraduate classes as well with tuition being waived.

Salary and Insurance: Residents receive a full range of insurance benefits including health, dental, eye, life, and disability insurance.  Dependent coverage is also offered if needed.  Malpractice insurance, 4-weeks vacation, retirement benefits, and competitive salaries are also provided.

Stipend (2023-2024):

Annual Monthly
PGY-1 $66,072 $5,506
PGY-2 $68,396 $5,700
PGY-3 $70,731 $5,894
PGY-4 $73,314 $6,110