The University of Illinois Hospital  is the flagship facility of the residency program. Nearly all subspecialty rotations during the CA 1-3 training years are conducted here, as well as rotations in internal medicine, emergency medicine, and rotations in the adult and pediatric intensive care units during the Clinical Base Year and CA-1 training years. Most main operating room assignments are also experienced at the University of Illinois Hospital.

The Jesse Brown VA Hospital is located at the western edge of the University campus, about a seven minute walk from the University of Illinois Hospital. Main OR rotations during all four training years, pain medicine rotations, and internal medicine, cardiology consults, and general surgery rotations during the Clinical Base Year, are conducted in this state-of-the-art facility, which opened in June of 2008.

Loyola University Medical Center is located in Maywood, IL, about 10 miles west of the University of Illinois campus. Senior residents rotate here for 2 months: one month in cardiac anesthesia and one month in the cardiac surgical intensive care unit.

Hines VA

The Edward Hines VA Hospital is located in Maywood, IL, approximately 10 miles due west of the University campus. CA-2 and CA-3 rotations emphasizing cardiac and thoracic anesthesia are conducted at this sprawling facility located near the Loyola University Medical Center.

Shriners Hospital for Children is located in Oak Park, a few miles west of our main campus. This is a CA-3 elective rotation for interested residents. The Resident is expected to: gain knowledge and clinical experience in pediatric anesthesia, be able to formulate the anesthetic plan for children with orthopedic and craniofacial pathology, become familiar with pediatric difficult airway management, increase knowledge in applying neuraxial and peripheral nerve blocks in pediatric practice, and be able to administer anesthetics to healthy children following minimal supervision at the end of the rotation.

Chicago Shriners hospital

Mount Sinai Medical Center is a 300-bed hospital in Chicago, Illinois. It is located at 15th Street and California Avenue on the city’s West Side, near the main University of Illinois campus. The hospital is a Level 1 trauma center for adults and children. Residents rotate here for trauma exposure during the CA-3 training year.