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The University of Illinois Anesthesiology Residency Program continues as one of the leading programs in the country. Our residents’ high ranking on their board scores following their final year, their satisfaction with their teaching/learning environment, and their great job opportunities clearly give evidence to this. Our residents have easily found fellowship and attending positions with major universities, as well as coveted opportunities in private hospitals.

James Feld MD, Professor

How did we achieve such an enviable position and more importantly, what do we do to maintain it? It stems from realizing there are two areas in which our residents need to excel. First, hands-on patient care in which they combine excellent clinical judgment with outstanding clinical skills and insightful interpersonal skills. Secondly, a complete knowledge base, which is a foundation for medical practice and also assures success on the board exams. Without either of these, a resident’s education is incomplete.

Much of our success stems from the varying backgrounds of our faculty. All of our attending physicians are board-certified and about a third are also board-certified in other specialties. These include medicine, pediatrics, intensive care, and genetics. Their training comes from as far away as Harvard, Yale, University of California-San Francisco, Emory University, University of Florida, University of Michigan, University of Virginia, and the Mayo Clinic. Also included on our staff are several PhDs, an MD/JD, and well-recognized names in particular areas of anesthesia research.

Just as important as the credentials of our staff is their devotion to the department and our residents. Experiences like nights out for sushi with the residents or having a small group over to a faculty member’s home really bring a more cohesive feeling and spirit of camaraderie to our department.

This website will briefly describe our program and the clinical sites. We try to find the right combination of didactics, patient care, research, self-learning, conferences, workshops, and time away from anesthesiology. The field of anesthesiology is exciting and challenging, but at times it’s a stressful profession. It is important to those of us who help mold future anesthesiologists that we help them keep the other parts of their lives in perspective while they progress through our residency program.


Thank you for visiting the University of Illinois Anesthesiology website. We hope that you will browse around to learn more about our program and the residency.

The Residency in Anesthesiology at UIC is a four year categorical program and enrolls twelve residents per year.  However, we will offer one CA-1 position for 2019-2020.  All positions are filled via the National Resident Match Program (NRMP).  Matched applicants will do their internship rotations at the University of Illinois Hospital and at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center before beginning the three years of clinical anesthesia training.

We interview applicants for the residency match between October and December. There are four dates available (October 27, November 10, November 17, December 1).  All applications are reviewed by our residency selection committee to determine suitability for an interview. Applications are accepted ONLY through ERAS. The University will not support H-1B visa applications for foreign medical graduates in residency programs. All interviews are conducted on Saturdays with a morning and afternoon session.  We welcome you to have dinner with our residents the night before your interview.  We hope this will give you an opportunity to meet our residents and learn about our culture at UIC.  We invite many of our residents to participate in order to give you a varied perspective on our program.  In order to accommodate more residents, we will not be able to extend invitations to spouses and significant others.  Dinner will be at Morton’s Steakhouse (65 East Wacker Place, Chicago, IL 60601)

Saturday morning interview is from 7:30-12pm and the afternoon sessions is from 12:15pm-5pm. Please schedule your interview through the ERAS system under scheduler as we offer twenty-five interview blocks for each session.  Interview spots fill up quickly but we will place you on a waitlist for each session.  Please contact us if there are any conflicts but it is best to schedule directly through the ERAS system.  The day will start with a presentation by members of the selection committee. During the rest of the morning, applicants interview with faculty members (each applicant will have three interviews with our faculty and one interview with the Chief Residents), or convene in the conference room to chat with current residents. You will finish the day with a tour of our department and operating room. We will offer breakfast for the morning sessions and lunch for the afternoon sessions.

Please see the information below on our location and parking arrangements for your interview day.  Again, we are very excited to meet you and wish you the best during this interview season.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Contact our Program Coordinators for additional information.
Fellowship: Anitra Harvey

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