Research Division: Organization

Basic Science Research Division is divided into a number of formal groups that include the following thematic areas and investigators:

Pulmonary Vascular Biology & Critical Care:

Drs. Minshall, Hu, Cho, Schwartz

Hu Laboratory
Cho Laboratory

Cardiac Physiology:

Drs. Weinberg, Minshall
Weinberg Laboratory

Cerebral Vascular and Neuro-Critical Care:

Drs. Feinstein, Paisansathan, Changyaleket
Paisansathan Laboratory
Feinstein Laboratory

Anesthetics, Pain & Immunomodulation:

Drs. Minshall, Votta-Velis, Hu, Feinstein, Weinberg

The overlapping organization of these Research Units creates a strong collaborative and interactive environment and our expertise spans a broad aspect of clinically relevant projects that form a thematic focus on vascular biology and critical care medicine.

Clinical Research Division is composed of the following groups:

1. Acute Pain, Regional Anesthesia & Chronic Wound Healing: Drs. Chiang,     Votta-Velis, Laurito
2. Obstetrical Anesthesia & Outcomes: Dr. Nixon
3. Pediatric Anesthesia: Drs. Oswald, Mercado, Rothschild
4. Clinical Neuroanesthesia: Drs. Paisansathan, Baughman, Changyaleket,
5. Critical Care Medicine: Schwartz, Nishioka, Feld