The Quality Improvement (QI) Academy at the Department of Anesthesiology UIC Hospital

Watch Video by Dr. Richard Banchs on Quality Improvement

The vision of the QI Academy is to develop engaged healthcare professionals that better understand today’s healthcare challenges and embrace performance improvement projects as a way to realize value for their patients and organizations.

Our mission is to provide training and coaching in quality improvement so that residents, faculty, and staff throughout the organization can develop their improvement competency and fulfill their promise of providing better, safer, and more efficient care.

The QI Academy offers QI training in a variety of modalities and learning platforms using project coaching, video-assisted learning, and the “QI Project Bootcamp”. The “QI Project Bootcamp” is a three-day course designed to provide a dynamic and interactive learning environment for participants to develop an understanding of QI. The course provides an in-depth overview of the tools, and skills necessary to plan and implement an improvement project using an improvement framework that has been developed specifically for healthcare professionals. The curriculum is presented through lectures, simulations, and a portfolio of case-based discussions where participants learn the principles and practices of QI, communication, and change management. The course has been written by professionals with experience as front-line providers spearheading numerous quality improvement efforts.

As part of their QI training, Anesthesia residents take this course at the end of their intern year, and are coached through-out their residency so that they can complete their own QI project. This course offers residents the opportunity to build specific skills required to deal with real-world problems impacting the care they deliver.