Our department’s response to COVID

The University of Illinois Department of Anesthesia played a critical role in our health system’s response to COVID.  As anesthesiologists, we play a critical role in treating patients who were stricken with COVID-19 and were not able to breath for themselves.  Our department was recognized by Crain’s Magazine as “2020 Notable Health Care Heroes.”  Dr. Christine Park is an anesthesiologist who leads the SAIL Simulation Center.  She created simulations for all health care providers on proper PPE usage and simulations for intubating COVID patients.  Dr. Heather Nixon was featured in an ACCRAC Podcast on COVID-19 in pregnancy.  Dr. Debourghgraeve appeared on CNN as a frontline worker and his experiences were published in the Washington Post.   Lastly, Dr. Nicole Thompson did XXXX

UIC Anesthesiologist, Dr. Cory Deburghraeve recognized nationally as a front line worker

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COVID in Pregnancy with Dr. Heather Nixon


Simulation using in-person standardized patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: exploitative practice or necessary for education?


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