Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As I write this letter we are in the midst of unprecedented times: a pandemic due to COVID-19 and social upheaval due to hundreds of years of racism.

This is our second annual report of the Department of Medicine (DOM) at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago. Presenting a compilation of our achievements during fiscal year 2019 may not seem like a top priority. Notably, stressing the singularity of purpose and indefatigable spirit that imbues the DOM is of timeless importance. The current times stretch us, but the achievements presented in this report underscore our strength and commitment to meet the challenges of the pandemic in our mission to provide exceptional care for all.

What has struck me most is the dedication and resilience of the trainees, faculty and staff. I am in awe and I have never been more proud to lead the Department of Medicine. I encourage you to carefully read all of our accomplishments and to eagerly await our next annual report. There are many stories to share and we will share them all with you next year. But for now, I encourage you to share with me in the joy of our accomplishments from fiscal year 2019.


Patricia W. Finn, MD
Earl M. Bane Professor
Head, Department of Medicine
Associate Dean, Strategic Initiatives
Associate Program Director, Medical Scientist Training Program
College of Medicine
University of Illinois at Chicago