WISE Community Outreach

The Women in Science and Engineering Community Outreach program connects UIC students and faculty mentors to the k-12 community in the Chicago region.  The goal is to encourage exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) career paths by providing hands-on science and engineering projects, tours of UIC labs, and a variety of mentoring opportunities with women in STEM careers.

WISE K-12 Community Outreach program provides enrichment activities in STEM fields to the local middle and high school students. Through engaging hands-on projects we want to boost interest in STEM among diverse female student population in the Chicago area.

Calling all young ladies! Do you want to shine in a grown-up world? STEM sparkle will make you glamorous and prosperous in a near future! If you have questions how to get there  our WISE Mentors would be happy to give you the answer!

WISE Mentors form a group of successful professional women who desire to share their experience in STEM careers with girls. According to research mentoring serves as a very  powerful tool in retaining females in STEM. Exposing girls to successful role models can help counter negative stereotypes because girls see that people like them can succeed and excel in the male dominated fields.  Through blog communication WISE Mentors strive to answer various questions related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

There is a growing need for thousands of new scientists and engineers in the coming years. Learn more about the awesome jobs that require degree in STEM. You will find a link to Bureau of Labor Statistics website with job descriptions and corresponding median pay. Check it out!

You can find interesting hands-on activities and access various STEM organizations from these websites.