Hunter Holt, MD, MAS

Assistant Professor
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Hunter Holt, MD MAS is a board-certified family medicine physician and assistant professor in the UIC Department of Family and Community Medicine. Dr. Holt is focused on researching and implementing solutions that improve patient experiences and health outcomes related to reproductive health and cervical cancer prevention. In medical school, at Rush University, Dr. Holt traveled to China as a NIH Fogarty Global Health Fellow to research cervical cancer prevention in China. Working with the Cancer Institute of China, Dr.  Holt investigated cervical cancer screening in Chinese migrant workers and post-menopausal Chinese women. As a family medicine resident at the University of Illinois, Chicago, Dr. Holt was a part of the Global Health Track working in Senegal to implement sustainable solutions for cervical cancer prevention in rural Senegal. As a Primary Care Research Fellow at UCSF, Dr. Holt completed his master’s degree in Clinical and Epidemiological Research and worked to understand the reasons behind disparities in cervical cancer incidence and mortality. Currently Dr. Holt is working to finding solutions to reduce these cervical cancer disparities and promote health equity.



Original Research (Peer-Reviewed)

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