5/20/2021. The Faculty Academic Advancement Committee for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (FAAC-DEI) Presents: “Practical Advice for Preparing your CV for Promotion & Tenure”

The Faculty Academic Advancement Committee for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (FAAC-DEI) Presents: “Practical Advice for Preparing your CV for Promotion & Tenure”

Thursday, May 20, 2021, 12-2:30 PM

Purpose: This workshop is designed for Assistant Professors and Associate Professors planning to go up for promotion, including tenure track faculty coming up for mid-probationary reviews. A virtual presentation on creating a strong CV will be followed by group discussions and Q&A.

The workshops will be presented by Dr. Pauline Maki (BIRCWH Co-PI) and Dr. Memoona Hasnain (BIRCWH Advisory Board Member). For more information and to register, visit Please register by May 17th.

3/17/2021. Celebrating Women’s History Month with Pauline Maki, PhD: Conversations with the CAO Series

“When I think of the amazing faculty of the UI College of Medicine, I am humbled by the sincere and thoughtful humanity that goes into their research and the way they deliver care to patients throughout our community. On March 3, 2021, I had the pleasure of visiting with Dr. Pauline Maki, who serves as the Senior Director of Research for the Center for Research on Women and Gender, as well as our Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs. In a month when we are celebrating National Women’s History Month, I was fortunate to learn of the remarkable work Dr. Maki has led towards the advancement of women’s brain health, along with more than 170 publications on various areas that will improve the health outcomes for women across all communities. We took a robust dive into her work, but I was most awestruck by her passion and commitment to serve others. I hope you will enjoy this conversation as much as I did and come away from this discussion better informed – and inspired – to get involved with the great work Dr. Maki – and many like her – are doing to advance innovation in health care at the UI College of Medicine. We truly can save lives, change lives, and improve lives through the collective effort of caring for our entire community.” – Chief Advancement Officer Joshua A. Butler, UI College of Medicine

Watch the interview here.

2/24/2021. Congratulations to BIRCWH Associate Dr. Natasha Crooks

We would like to recognize the work of BIRCWH Associate Dr. Natasha Crooks, who recently published a paper with Dr. Phoenix Matthews and Dr. Geri Donenberg in the Journal of Medical Ethics highlighting the historical issues that impact research involving Black populations. The authors also provide recommendations of the ethical engagement of Black populations in research.

This story is profiled in UIC Today.

Also, Dr. Crooks recently received the Janet A. Deatrick Award which provides research support for an assistant professor in the College of Nursing.

Congratulations Natasha!!

2/1/2021. Study looks at menopause, cognitive function in women of color, including women with HIV

BIRCWH co-PI Dr. Pauline Maki has been profiled in UIC Today for leading a study recently published in the journal Menopause. For the study, she assessed whether low-income women of color and/or women with cognitive vulnerabilities, including those with HIV, experienced higher-than-expected cognitive difficulties during menopause.

12/15/2020. ORWH 30th Anniversary Scientific Symposium – Morning Keynote Address by Dr. Pauline Maki.

BIRCWH co-PI Dr. Pauline Maki offered the morning keynote address on women’s mental health across the life course. In this address, Dr. Maki noted the importance of hormonal contributions to specific mental health disorders at various developmental stages but stressed that biological, health, and psychosocial factors all play important roles in risk and resilience.


4/16/2021, 8AM – 12PM. UW BIRCWH – Midwest BIRCWH Consortium Meeting. Read more here.

4/15/2021, 11AM – 12PM. Emory University BIRCWH Leadership Webinar, “Reflections and Lessons Learned from Former BIRCWH Scholars”. Click on the image to read more and register here.