This guide is written for faculty and staff at the University of Illinois College of Medicine who use the Dean’s Office provided content management system. It is intended to provide the necessary understanding to complete common creation and editing tasks using our WordPress environment. This guide is not meant to be comprehensive, nor does it assume any skill level.

General Disclaimers

  • We are still working out the kinks of this new system. Please report any glitches you may come across, as we may not be aware of them yet. Also, please share your concerns with us so we can address them ASAP. We appreciate your help & understanding and value your cooperation in helping us provide the best service possible.
  • We are still in the process of exploring calendar/event plugins. This guide will be updated when the calendar is added.
  • Keep in mind that when adding media, menus, and widgets, open tabs will not update without refreshing them. If you are working in multiple browser tabs and add/edit those elements, the other tabs will not be updated until refreshed.
  • Modifying the header and footer is not allowed. The exception to this is the main navigation bar and page title bar. Changing the main navigation to your own will help a visitor navigate within your section of the site. You may also remove breadcrumb navigation from the page title bar if desired.
  • In this guide “>” is used to show a selection within a menu. For example, Pages > Tree View indicates that Tree View is a menu option in the Pages menu. This can also be used to show breadcrumb navigation.
  • The theme styling you see now is not final and may change based on Dean’s office decisions.