After logging in, you’ll be taken directly to the Dashboard. This is where you’ll access options that allow you to create and alter content.

Fusion Slider: Access to the Fusion Slider plugin. There are two options, Add/Edit Slides and Add/Edit Sliders. Once a slider is completed here, it can be added to a page as a Fusion Slider element.

Posts: There are 4 options here.

  1. All Posts, which allows you to see a sortable list of all posts.
  2. Add New to create a new post.
  3. Add Categories and
  4. Add Tags (more information in Posts section).

Events: Disregard for now.*

Media: Here you can either visit the Media Library or add new media.

Pages: Here you can select All Pages, Add New, and Tree View. We recommend using the Tree View (see: Page Tree View for more information)

Portfolio: Disregard for now.*

FAQs: Disregard for now.*

Contact: Access to the Contact Form 7 plugin to create forms. Contact Forms will allow you to view and edit forms while Add New will add a new form (see: Contact Forms for more information).

Menus: Add and modify main navigation menus(which are displayed across the top of your pages, under the COM logo).

Profile: Edit your account profile

Tools: Here you can access the Broken Link Checker to make sure all of your links are working properly.

Elastic Slider: Access to the Elastic Slider Plugin. Here you you can Add or Edit Slides and Add or Edit Groups(sliders).

Layer Slider WP: Using Layer Slider will be added in a future update to this guide..

Connections: Connections is the plugin we use to provide campus-specific faculty and staff directories. It allows users to create attractive staff entries by filling out a simple form, and allows the profiles to be displayed in several locations while only needing to update the single entry.