Photo of Julie BobittJulie Bobitt, PhD and colleagues compared cannabis use among persons living with multiple sclerosis, and persons diagnosed with arthritis or cancer who were age 60 and older. They found that the majority of individuals from all groups used cannabis to address pain and improve quality of sleep and that cannabis benefitted persons with sleep and digestive issues regardless of condition. This comparative evaluation suggests that cannabis’ effects are not specific to MS, arthritis, or cancer as much as they impact processes common among these distinct conditions.

Kaskie B, Kang H, Bhagianadh D, Bobitt J. Cannabis Use among Older Persons with Arthritis, Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis: Are We Comparing Apples and Oranges? Brain Sci. 2021 Apr 23;11(5):532. doi: 10.3390/brainsci11050532. PMID: 33922425; PMCID: PMC8146091.