Patricia FinnDr. Patricia Finn, in a recent UIC Today article, expressed thoughts on Department of Medicine’s (DOM’s) participation in the Bias Reduction in Internal Medicine (BRIM) study developed by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The goal of the study is to make participants aware of biases and cultural stereotypes they may subscribe to, even if they do so unconsciously.

DOM is the first organization to participate in the nationwide BRIM study. The ongoing study includes 15 departments of medicine and will last approximately two years at each institution.

At the heart of the BRIM program is a three-hour workshop titled, “Breaking the Bias Habit: Bias Reduction in Internal Medicine.” Half of DOM’s faculty and staff will receive the BRIM program delivered by developers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. DOM faculty will deliver the training to the other half of faculty and staff. While the study is geared towards faculty, these same skills and tools will be used in training the next generation of physicians.