Our Annual Conference, “Challenges in OB/Gyn: Pearls for Practice”, held on October 27-28, 2016, was a resounding success!  Over 100 registrants interacted with national and international Distinguished Faculty who provided state-of-the-art lectures on patient care topics.

The Charles Sumner Bacon Lectureship was given by Dr. Mark Pearlman, the S. Jan Behrman Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Michigan, who discussed controversies in breast cancer screening. The Gynecology Symposium finished with an interactive session moderated by Dr. Sondra Summers (chronic pelvic pain), with Dr. Pearlman (breast cancer prevention and management), Dr. Jessica Shepherd (minimally invasive gynecologic surgery), Dr. Julia Switzer (general Ob/Gyn) and Dr. AuTumn Davidson (family planning) participating in the discussion of challenging gynecologic cases.

Annual Conference, 2016 Challenges in OB/Gyn: Pearls for Practice” Chicago, October 27-28, 2016

Keynote speaker for the 11th Annual Antonio Scommegna Symposium was Dr. Grace M. Janik, Clinical Professor at The Medical College of Wisconsin, who gave an outstanding lecture with videos on surgical management of endometriosis.  Dr. Bert Scoccia moderated an interactive session with Dr. Janik (endometriosis), Dr. Mary Stephenson (recurrent pregnancy loss/pregnancy of unknown location) and Dr. Musa Zamah (infertility/endometriosis) discussing endometriosis, IVF, PUL and ovulation induction.

Dr. Katharine D. Wenstrom, Professor and Director of Maternal Fetal Medicine at the Warren Alpert School of Medicine of Brown University, and Past President of SMFM, led the 16th Annual Laird Wilson Perinatal Symposium with an update on prenatal genetic testing options.  A session of case studies on the clinical management of periviability and maternal and fetal ethical issues was moderated by Dr. Laura DiGiovanni (MFM), with Dr. Dimitrios Mastrogiannis (MFM), Dr. Micaela Della Torre (MFM) and and Dr. Sachin Amin (Neonatology) participating.

Dr. Dianne Miller, Associate Professor and Director of Gynecologic Oncology at the University of British Columbia, gave the keynote lecture for the Gynecologic Oncology Symposium on the role of opportunistic salpingectomy for ovarian cancer prevention, and cervical cancer screening in the era of HPV.  Dr, Rajul Kothari moderated a session on gynecologic oncology cases with Dr. Miller and Dr. Andras Ladanyi (UIC).

Attendees also got a tour of our newly renovated OB/Gyn Simulation Center and many joined us for a wine & cheese event for Alumni and Friends of our Department.

Evaluations were outstanding and we look forward to next our Conference, which will be held on October 26-27, 2017.  Please join us!.