The University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Radiology is home to several physicians and faculty that are always striving for self-improvement and to better educate the doctors of tomorrow. We are always happy to congratulate the successes of these esteemed members of our community. We would like to recognize three individuals in particular in their recent academic promotions: Dr. Burce Ozgen, Dr. Lauren Green and Dr. Erin Neuschler!

Dr. Burce Ozgen has been a proud member of the UIC Radiology Department since 2016 and has published more than fifty peer-reviewed research articles. With such a strong work ethic and demonstrated excellence in academia, it comes as no surprise that Dr. Burce Ozgen has been recently promoted to Professor of Clinical Radiology within the college of medicine. Her sharp mind and exceptional research skills make her an irreplaceable member of the college’s faculty, passing on invaluable knowledge to those fortunate enough to study under her.

Dr. Lauren Green, who has been with the University of Illinois since the start of her medical education, now sees her time with the department come full circle as she receives her promotion to Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology. Working tirelessly as both a member of faculty and the head of breast imaging in the department, Dr. Lauren Green is a model of leadership in the department and sets a strong example for what our hard-working students and residents of today can achieve when they strive for more.

Dr. Erin Neuschler, who was selected last year as the President of the Chicago Radiological Society for the 2020-2021 term, now also celebrates her promotion to Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology. Dr. Erin Neuschler embraces continual educational growth, striving to provide quality education to residents, students and her fellow CRS members. Dr. Neuschler reminds us all that learning is a lifelong process, and that we should never be content in our pursuit of knowledge.

Congratulations to these brilliant minds as they continue to make great strides within their field and educate future generations of doctors. The Radiology Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago is honored to count them among its ranks, and we expect only more awe-inspiring work from them in the future.