“Integrating Contextual Factors into Clinical Decision Support to Reduce Contextual Error and Improve Outcomes in Ambulatory Care”
Speaker: Dr. Saul Weiner
Date: Thursday, January 18, 2018
Time: 12pm-1pm
Place: COMRB 7175 (7th floor), 909 S. Wolcott

Presentation Description:  A contextual error occurs when a medical decision is consistent with research evidence but nevertheless inappropriate given a patient’s particular circumstance, or context.  This presentation provides background on contextual error and discusses an ongoing study to utilize and assess the tools of clinical decision support in the electronic medical record to facilitate contextualized decision making during the clinical encounter.

The conference room is limited to 45 attendees. Please RSVP by 1‐15‐18 at http://evite.me/TpqBNQSEhV.

A light lunch will be served.