Bringing the expertise of Illinois to the world, and a world of expertise to Illinois

What is our mission?

To improve the health of populations and individuals around the world, and to reduce health disparities, by collaboratively conducting trans-disciplinary research, training the next generations of global health leaders, and building the capacities of global and local partners. 

How will we succeed?

As part of a leading public research university in one of the world’s top global cities, we draw upon our commitment to diversity, research expertise, and pioneering global medicine teaching program.

What values inform our work?

  • Respect
  • Partnership
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Equity
  • Community

What is our purpose?

To make the UIC COM a national leader in global health by expanding global health research, further developing medical and graduate global health education, building a network of global and local partners, and promoting the visibility and sustainability of global medicine. 

What are our goals?

  1. To facilitate and conduct innovative research that responds to the changing global burden of disease, emerging threats, and local needs of partners, and that can impact practice and policy relevant for low resource settings.
  2. To become a national leader in global health education of medical students and post-graduate global health training.
  3. To build a network of global and local partners to exchange global health knowledge and skills.
  4. To promote the visibility and sustainability of global medicine.

What is the value to the UIC COM of working in global health?

Working in global health provides the UIC COM opportunities for leadership and offers students and trainees unique opportunities to learn from others around the world.