Background: The American Neurotology Society (ANS) is the national professional society that was created to provide education, present research and discuss needs for the field of neurotology, a subspecialty of otolaryngology. The field is predominately male. In 2017, female members from ANS, created a separate group named Women in Neurotology (WiN). With the formation of this group, an informal survey was created by four WiN members to capture demographic, academic and career information in an effort to understand who made up this group. The survey was created and sent via an online survey system (SurveyMonkey®). Survey results were returned anonymously and could not be traced back to members.

Currently, surgical antibiotic prophylaxis for head and neck cancer patients varies from institution to institution, as well as between surgeons of the same institution. To date, no one antibiotic regimen has been found to be superior for treating head and neck cancer patients with penicillin allergies.

Objectives: The aims of the study are to 1) summarize the characteristics and demographics of the women who make up Women in Neurotology, and 2) share the data findings with the medical community through presentations and publications.