Registrar Services

Registrar Services

There are two offices that serve COM student records and registration needs. They are listed as follows.

College of Medicine Office of the Registrar


1853 W. Polk Street; Room 105, College of Medicine West (CMW)

  Mail Code (M/C) 785; Chicago, IL 60612-7335



(312) 996-8228 - General Office number

(312) 996-8922

  1. Assists with M1 through M4 registration
  2. Process M1 and M2 exam scores and final grades
  3. Process and distribute M3 end-of-clerkship exam scores, clinical and final grades, including performance evaluations and final grade letters
  4. Process and distribute M4 clinical performance evaluations
  5. Transmit M1 through M4 final grades to the University Academic History / Transcript
  6. Provide a College graduation requirements audit
  7. Coordinate University Program changes for joint degrees - MD/MPH, MD/MBA
  8. Process College wide AOA Junior and Senior selection data
  9. Process College wide Graduation with Honors data
  10. Diploma distribution
  11. Process National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) USMLE Step 1, 2 - Clinical Knowledge and Clinical Skills exam registration and enrollment verification
  12. Process student access requests for UIMC Network or Applications
  13. Process MD Degree and Licensure verification
Staff Members: Michelle Ortiz Wortel, Director of Financial Aid, Records and Registration for the College of Medicine,
  Kathleen Helling, Assistant Director of Records and Registration for the College of Medicine,


UIC Office of Admissions & Records - website

Location: 1200 W. Harrison Street, Room 1100, Student Services Building, Chicago, IL 60606-7161
Mailing Address Office of Admissions and Records (MC 018)
University of Illinois at Chicago
Box 5220
Chicago, Illinois 60680-5220
Telephone: (312) 996-4350
  1. Maintains the official campus academic transcript and registry of all students grades and degrees awarded. Transcript request link.
  2. Completes all external agency forms requiring verification of attendance or degree. Certification of Graduation link. Mail requests to: UIC Records and Registration, M/C 018, P.O. Box 5220, Chicago, IL 60680, Attn: Degree Verification
  3. Maintains the campus registration systems
  4. Prepares UIC Timetable each semester
  5. Orders all UIC student diplomas - Degrees are awarded by the University of Illinois at Chicago; Degree audits are completed by individual campus colleges.