Student Organizations

The names/emails of the student organization leaders are listed in the M1-M4 blackboard sites that all College of Medicine students have access to.

Please contact for the following reasons:

1) Student organization that would like to update your description on the website.

2) You would like to contact the president of a student organization and are requesting the student's contact information. 



 CMSC 2014-2015 Chicago Medical Student Council Executive Board

President: Tiffani Berkel
Vice President: Gabriela Aguliar
Treasurer: Hari Iyer
UMSC Rep: Dev Patel
Alumni Rep: Meagan Appleman
Secretary: Tara Kennedy
HPSC Rep: Larissa Jones


Message from CMSC President:

  One of the many advantages of attending the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine is, in fact, our student body. We are the largest medical school in the country, and with that distinction, we boast one of the most passionate, diverse, and involved medical student bodies. In the more than 100 year span of this medical school’s history of leadership, it has more than simply endured the changing landscape of the university, the city, the nation, and the globe. UIC has embraced it and fueled it by founding the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society in 1902, the Community Action Program in 2010, and countless achievements in between. Yes, we read our books, we study hard, and we have begun our climb up the statistical ladder with our standardized tests. But, we take to the community and organize health fairs for the underserved of Chicago, lobby in Springfield and Washington for students and patients alike, and help navigate our peers through student organizations, guest speakers, and special events. And every year, UIC hosts national and regional conferences—such as the American Medical Student Association and Student National Medical Association—as our students share their passions with their colleagues across the nation.

The Chicago Medical Student Council (CMSC) exists to support and represent students and these numerous organizations at UIC in order to facilitate the work of our student body and its leaders. With so many groups already established, it’s easy to find a community of students motivated by shared interests. So, get involved and take charge of your medical education outside the classroom and laboratory! Whether you devote time to learn more about medical specialties through our numerous interest groups, find a community with others based on your cultural or religious identity, or shape the education and curriculum of future classes through our Student-Faculty Committees, there is a place for you here at UIC. So, when you find that right opportunity embrace it. And if you don’t, create it.

Of course, this is medical school, academics will likely reign over the rest of your priorities. It is no secret that your time is a precious commodity. But, I encourage you to find what motivates you and get involved, because there may be no better place and time for it than the years you will spend at the UIC College of Medicine. The time spent pursuing your passions, developing relationships, and gaining leadership will only enhance your education and will hopefully transform you into a well-rounded physician, equipped to lead your community, however big or small that may be.

Tiffani Berkel
CMSC President