Room Reservation Procedures

**This page is under construction.**
Please check back soon for updated information on Learning Center
room use policy and procedures.

The College of Medicine (COM) has some rooms available for reservation as study space for COM medical students. Click here to check listings and availability.    

The Faculty, Student and Alumni Lounge (119L) is also available for COM student study when not in use during regular business hours, but cannot be reserved for this purpose.

Students should also consider using the Library of the Health Sciences or the Richard J. Daley Library for studying.

Procedure for Reserving Rooms in COM:

  • Rooms for student study can only be reserved in person on the same day (no advance reservations) during regular office hours (currently 8:30am-5:00pm) in Room 151 CMW, the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME). Reservations are on a first come, first served basis, and are subject to change. Students are encouraged to study in groups in order to maximize the limited study space.  

  • Room access for student study will be made available provided the rooms are not in use or have not been scheduled for other purposes (see priority list below).  The College of Medicine reserves the right to cancel a reservation. 

  • Student organizations, tutors, and students working on course projects are allowed to reserve rooms in advance.  If a reservation is needed within less than a week, walk-in or phone reservations are permitted.  If a reservation is for more than one week in advance, email requests to are required.

Please include your cell phone number, organization name, date, start/end times, and specific room choice or space requirements in your e-mail request.  Click here for Student Room Use Agreement.

Priorities for room use are as follows:

1) the regular classes of the College;
2) functions of the Office of the Dean, including committee and staff meetings;
3) functions of other departments in the College;
4) meetings of student organizations;
5) student study space;
6) functions of other colleges of the University;
7) outside use.


Study rooms are intended for use by College of Medicine students only.  Campus Police will be contacted to report the presence of non-medical students occupying these rooms. Disciplinary action will be taken, with the possibility of arrest.    

College of Medicine students should report unauthorized use of rooms, or suspicious behavior of any kind to Campus Police at 312-996-2830.