College of Medicine Learning Center Project

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Improving the Student Experience

Large Active Learning RoomLobby LoungeLobby Lounge -direction: westCorridor -Open Desks Looking into South ClassroomsCorridor view towards Lobby & StairsCorridor  View towards lobby & stair 4th fl. LargClassroomLarge Active Learning Room: west viewConcept art: AuditoriumConcept art: Large Active Learning RoomConcept Art: 2nd floor

Large Active Learning Room

Lobby Lounge

Lobby Lounge - direction: west

Corridor: looking at open desks and into southern classrooms

Corridor view towards lobby & stairs

Corridor view towards lobby & stairs, 4th floor


Large Active Learning Room: west view

Concept art: Auditorium

Concept art: Large Active Learning Room

Concept Art: 2nd floor

Renovation: A Necessity

This project will dramatically improve our student’s educational experience and facilitate future educational expansion and innovation within the COM. In turn, the University’s academic standing will be strengthened for years to come.

The purpose of the renovation work is to upgrade the existing facilities to become an educational and learning environment that meets Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) accreditation standards, that qualifies as a National Board of Medical Examiners testing site, and competes with other leading colleges of medicine.

A modern auditorium and classrooms, as well as group and independent study areas equipped with adjustable furnishings, ample power and data, and feature rich A/V resources are required for medical students to learn via a wide range of active learning methods including team-based learning (TBL), peer-to-peer instruction, case-based instruction, and independent study. Facilitator-led seminars, problem based learning, and small group clinical instruction can also be supported, better preparing the students for the clinical phase of their training and board exams, where applying knowledge and critical thinking skills to patient care is required.

Enhancements will include: 

Partial reconfiguration and renovation of the second, third and fourth floors of the College of Medicine West Tower Building

  • Updating the interior architecture and replacing finishes, furniture, and equipment and improving lighting, audiovisual equipment and acoustics to support learning functions.
  • Outdated building infrastructure systems (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection (MEP/FP) serving the renovation area will also be upgraded or replaced having exceeded its expected lifespan.
  • 1 auditorium/250 seats
  • 2 classrooms/110 seats
  • 18 classrooms/20seats1 office for student orgs
  • 1 group study suite
  • Printing stations
  • Computer bars
The College of Medicine Learning Center project is progressing and construction will continue into the upcoming academic year.
The College of Medicine Learning Center project is progressing and construction will continue into the upcoming academic year.
As construction continues to make progress, here are some updates that have been made to the COM Learning Center space to date: