Dr. Allan L. and Mary L. Graham Clinical Performance Center

Established in 1987, the Graham CPC is one of the first performance assessment centers in the United States.


In our 29 years, we have served thousands of medical students with simulation training featuring standardized patients and a dedicated mannequin simulation suite with additional procedural skills lab. We offer powerful tools for instruction, assessment and patient safety, as well as groundbreaking research.

New GCPC facility at Mile Square Health Center

The GCPC will be moving to a new, larger facility on the 4th and 5th floor of the Mile Square Health Center in late 2017. Read about it here! To see the preliminary floor plans, click here.

Making it real

The baby’s lips are turning blue. As the nursing students work to restart his breathing, he begins to cry — and they breathe sighs of relief. But Jesse isn’t a human baby — he's a high-tech mannequin. Watch the video!

BLS Heartcode Course

For information on the BLS Heartcode Course click here to download a flyer.

Society For Simulation in Healthcare
1st Place - Research Abstract Award

Yudkowsky R, Luciano C, Banerjee P, Alaraj A, Lemole M, Schwartz A, Charbel F, Smith K, Rizzi S: Ventriculostomy Practice on a Library of Virtual Brains Using a VR/Haptic Simulator Improves Simulator and Surgical Outcomes.  Simulation in Healthcare, 2011; 6(6):395

The research was to develop and pilot a library of virtual brains developed for the Immersive Touch simulator, have neurosurgery residents practice on the simulator, and measure outcomes both on the simulator and in live surgery.

The research was funded by AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality), and conducted in the GCPC by an interdisciplinary team including faculty from the GCPC, Department of Medical Education, and Department of Neurosurgery in the COM, from the College of Engineering, and from the UIC Institute for Patient Safety Excellence.

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